Our Services

SNG Trucks

With the largest fleet of trucks in northern europe, are we trusted for any type of SNG job.

Mobile Links has a long history in satellite operations and can deliver your required solution in a professional package.

Currently we have 10 SNGs in our fleet strategically positioned in the capital areas of Sweden, Norway and Denmark together with facilities in other operational areas for quick response and good local knowledge. We are regularly traveling throughout our region including the Baltic countries and the rest of Europe.

We offer satellite transmissions in any of the common compression formats, resolutions and modulation schemes. For your more complex operations we can also provide solutions for multiple carriers and can multiplex several signals. For sensitive receive operations we do also have up to 2,4 meter receive dishes. The majority of our trucks have been equipped with the latest 10bit H.264 encoders and possibility for modulation up to 32 APSK and in a fully redundant configuration.

The fleet is also having fibre systems on board to handle cable runs up to several hundred meters, a very helpful solution when the truck needs to park in a complicated area, or bringing in a signal from an interview area at arenas. In addition to our well equipped trucks we’re having all components spare in our warehouse as well as special equipment. We also have instant access to cameras, disc recorders and VTRs if needed.

Live Stand Up

We can offer camera crews along with our SNGs for live stand-up transmissions for shorter news feeds or longer events. We provide the camera man and equipment: HD/SD camera, ear-piece for IFB, different microphones like wireless, lavalier or handheld microphone along with lights.

We can also book all sorts of satellite capacity for your transmission – such as Thor 10-02, Astra 3B, Astra 4A, Eut 10A or Eut 7A to mention a few.


Teleport Services

With outstanding connectivity to media companies in the Nordics, Teracom’s Kaknäs tower is the mediahub in Scandinavia. Mobilelinks are operating all occational use services at its facilites which is specially built for this purpose.

With the Kaknäs tower as a core for teleport services, are we ready for any challenge in todays media delivery process, and can offer a full service product including satellite capacity.

Please contact us at +46 (8)564 104 50 or bookings@mobilelinks.se for bookings or more information.

Fibre Equipment

The Speed Of Light

At many occassions, fibre is the first choice for media distribution. Being operational in Scandianvia means that we have a very well built fibre infrastructure which often gives us a great opportunity to offer an alternative to our SNG trucks. We have set up many different types of communication via fibre over the years. It has been as the transmit path for unilateral coverage from international sporting events to point to point links within a city.

Mobile Links has instant access to both national and international networks for media contribution. In Stockholm we’re connected to the most used production locations and offer high capacity internet connections for events, uncompressed and compressed tv signals and voice communications to production and media companies. Our connection nodes are placed in underground data centers with the highest security.


Fly Away

Transmissions From Remote Locations

When the transmission takes place from a remote location where it’s easier to fly than drive Mobile Links have one fly away systems for satellite transmissions. We have experience from both hotest Africa and coldest Greenland.


Microwave Links

There are occasions when microwave is the better choice to both satellite and fibre. It could be very remote areas during longer transmissions or maybe a reception point for a helicopter shot. No matter if you need an IP network for wireless internet in a campus area, or a video signal transported from a mountain top, we have both the experience and the equipment.

Production Management

Our track record of productions span from numerous international live sport events to news reports and video conferences for corporate events. If you need help with planning or coordination before or during your event we would be happy to assist. To mention a few we have provided this service at several Ice-Hockey World Championships, Champions League in football and the European Championships in Ice skating.