Champions League: IFK Malmö v Real Madrid

On the 30th September Malmö FF met Real Madrid in Champions League at Swedbank Arena. In different ways it was an historical day for Malmö with the CHL-match, Ronaldo’s 500 career goals and a victory for Malmö in the Youth League. Mobile Links delivered both fibre and SNGs for the transmissions of the matches.

It was Malmö FF’s first match agains Real Madrid ever and as everyone expected it was a tough task. However Malmö FF did a good job and it was a historical match as Ronaldo did his 500 career goals!

For this match Mobile Links were responsible for the transmission of the match via fibre and SNG for Viasat, where the satellite transmission was the back-up feed. For EBU and the world feed we had arranged the fibre transmission as the main feed. The news- and back-up feeds were delivered by HD Sat com from Germany. Mediatec Broadcast Sweden delivered the OB-production.

Earlier the same day a match in the Youth League, U19, took place at Malmö IP. The result, 1-0 to Malmö was a historic victory. The match was transmitted on Real Madrid’s TV-channel and Mobile Links delivered the SNG along with the satellite capacity, Sportsground did the OB-production.

Malmö Real Madrid U19