CHL 1/16 finals – 5 SNGs for 8 matches

On the 6th October it was time for the 1/16 finals in the Champions Hockey League. We had one SNG in Hamar, one in Stavanger and three SNGs in Stockholm at SVT. All in all we transmitted 8 feeds from 5 SNGs.

CHL, the European Hockey League, has now reached the 1/8 finals. After the matches yesterday there are 5 Swedish teams, 5 Finnish teams, 3 Czech teams, 1 German team, 1 Norwegian team and 1 Suisse team left in the tournament.

SVT has chosen to produce the matches in Sweden remote, the signal comes from the arenas via fibre to SVT in Stockholm where Mobile Links transmit via SNGs onto satellite. All three SNGs made a dual feed transmission yesterday.

The first 1/8 finals will be played on the 3rd November.

CHL Stavanger