Jazz in Swedish – Live concert from Uppsala

Tonight at Uppsala International Guitarrfestival, there was a live tribute concert for Monica Zetterlund and Jan Johansson, two of Sweden’s most famous and beloved artists. This concert was shown at Folkets Hus och Parkers cinemas throughout Sweden and Mobile Links delivered the SNG and satellite capacity.

Uppsala International Guitarr 2015 festival takes place 7th – 11th October. The first evening there is a live concert to tribute two of Swedens’ most famous and beloved jazz artists, Monica Zetterlund and Jan Johansson. Some of Sweden’s most eminent artists from different generations will contribute to this manifestation: Georg Riedel, Svante Thuresson, Isabella Lundgren, Anders Widmark, Stephen Simmonds, Merit Hemmingson, Sofia Jannok, Calle Bagge, Maria Möller, Jonas Kullhammar, Max Schultz, Erik Söderlind, Susanna Risberg.

The concert is also shown at 140 “Folkets Hus och Parker” Digital Cinemas throughout Sweden. Mobile Links are on site in Uppsala with one SNG for this transmission and has also booked the satellite capacity.


Uppsala Svante T