Live from Debaser

Live from Debaser at Hornstull in Stockholm on October 9th. Våra Gårdar in cooperation with Folkets Hus & Parkers’ cinemas showed interviews and concerts with Dolores Haze, Browsing Collection and Systraskap.  We were on site with an SNG for the transmission.

The Swedish music wonder wasn’t created in one day. Ten educational organisations (Studieförbund) support the musical actitivity every day, every week. They support orchestras, bands, choirs, rehearsals and other musical acitivities which create many opportunities to play live on own or other stages. Lots of hard work from many persons make this possible – carrying heavy loudspeakers, control synthesizers and arranging fiddler meetings. During the first weeks in October everyone has worked throughout Sweden to create the “worlds biggest music festival” with live concerts on the 9th October. By showing an interactive concert  with interviews from Debaser, Våra Gårdar wanted to beat the world record and become the biggest organizer of the Worlds biggest music festival this day.






20:30 Interview with the organizers 10 min
20:40 Interview with Dolores Haze 10 min
20:50 Live: Browsing Collection 30 min
21:20 Interview with Systraskap 10 min
21:30 Interview with the audience
21:40 Live: Dolores Haze 30 min
22:10 Interview with Browsing Collection 10 min
22:20 Interview with Grrrlcollection 10 min
22:30 Live: Systraskap 30 min
23:00 Film curfew