Euro Basket Euro Qual SWEDEN – SPAIN

The Euro qualification match in basket for Ladies between Sweden and Spain takes place in Södertälje. Mobile Links are on site transmitting for SVT.

2015-11-21 SNG HDR Hallen 2015-11-21 SNG HDR








On the 21st November the first qualification match for the Swedish Ladies National team takes place and the journey towards the Euro Championships in the Czech Republic 2017 has started. They meet Spain, one the strongest team in Europe, winner of the gold medal in EC 2013, silver medal in WC 2014 and the brons medal in EC 2015. The qualification matches for Sweden are:


21 november: Sverige – Spanien in Täljehallen at 17:00

20 februari 2016: Finland – Sverige
24 februari 2016: Spanien – Sverige
23 november 2016: Sverige – Finland