Lion Fight 59 in Gothenburg

Lion Fight Promotions debuted in Sweden on the 31st August. Two world champion title matches were at stake and a total of nine pro matches with “full muay thai rules” which means that elbows were allowed. In addition to fighters from Sweden, other participants came from Thailand, the USA, Scotland, Norway and Denmark.

The event took place at Kooperativet on Lindholmen in Gothenburg and we were on site transmitting to CBS. The winners were:

Wittaya Thawinphrai

Jonathan Larsson

Tove Brodin

Joakim Hägg

Nicco Carillo

Nicholas Bryant

Kim Falk

Amy Pirnie (Defender of the title in 51,2-kilos)

Magnus Andersson (New Lion Fight-master in 69,9-kilos)