Cambridge Analytica Whistleblower Christopher Wylie in our studio

The Australian TV-channel Network Ten did an interview with Christopher Wylie in our studio. The fibre transmission was done from Stockholm via London to Melbourne.

He worked at Cambridge Analytica, an analysis company which focused on the political sphere, using data mining and data analysis to influence political choices. During the president campaign 2016 the Trump campaign used them to influence voters via private information from Facebook.

In 2018 Christopher told the world about this and the scandal was a fact. Facebook faced crucial reliability problems and governments all over the world wanted to have stricter laws regarding information on social media, data collection and political campaigning.

Christopher has recently released a book, “Mindf*uck” where he summarize his experiences and describes how the enormous amount of data we now daily share about ourselves on social media could be combined and misused to shape our feelings, thoughts, and even voting habits — all without us noticing.